TOP 3 MOST BIZARRE ACTS on Spains Got Talent
From Cabaret to Twerking, watch the MOST BIZARRE acts from Spain's Got Talent!

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  • Ronit Patel
    Ronit Patel

    One of the Judges could not watch the act. He is totally unfit for the Judge. The Judge must watch the act to judge the right talent.

  • Md Nihad
    Md Nihad

    So funny

  • Ley Man
    Ley Man

    Kkkkkkkkk very nice

  • Kanagavel Rajan
    Kanagavel Rajan

    04:46 this tells us men and women r equal

  • Jyothi Pandey
    Jyothi Pandey


  • Wendy Yu
    Wendy Yu

    So gross.

  • Assunta Gargano
    Assunta Gargano

    Oh God she's GROSS!

  • Надежда Стоева
    Надежда Стоева

    PLZ shot me 😵😵😵

  • Wynter-Grace Cook
    Wynter-Grace Cook

    The way he just twerked.😂

  • Naomi Jesse Denver
    Naomi Jesse Denver

    This is not okay 🤧

  • Agus Prasmono Takka
    Agus Prasmono Takka

    Funny 😁❤❤ nice

  • maritza bayona
    maritza bayona

    A Rito si no se misional jajaja Ai Tinto con su jenio y Beya Risa q tiene desde Colombia

  • Aida Taryan
    Aida Taryan

    I am just thinking about kids . What kids will be doing after watching

  • krissander1

    The images are burned on my retinas.... I can't unsee it, for the love of God if you are scanning the comments don't watch

  • RxseVenyx

    Fun Fact: Most of the ppl didnt watch this in full screen.

    • 𝓢𝓪𝓼𝓼𝔂 𝓢𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼 - 𝓡𝓸𝓫𝓵𝓸𝔁
      𝓢𝓪𝓼𝓼𝔂 𝓢𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼 - 𝓡𝓸𝓫𝓵𝓸𝔁

      No I didn't

    • Anika Schwarz
      Anika Schwarz

      no one wanted to LOL

  • 3502 - Raja Sekar
    3502 - Raja Sekar

    No 3 is an gay not an boy

  • Kanagavel Rajan
    Kanagavel Rajan

    04:35 her eyes

  • Kanagavel Rajan
    Kanagavel Rajan

    He is born from a rubber

  • Kanagavel Rajan
    Kanagavel Rajan

    02:37 her eyes💖

  • Kanagavel Rajan
    Kanagavel Rajan

    Ur talent is want to be filled with ur manners also don't forget it

  • Lourdes Olivera
    Lourdes Olivera

    Creo que esta Sra no tiene verguenza

  • Alexa M.
    Alexa M.

    This is why we love this show😁

  • Beautiful Girls
    Beautiful Girls

    Wow amazing show

  • Альбина Ипатова
    Альбина Ипатова


  • Carlla Flynn
    Carlla Flynn

    This is self respecting person would do this or show this when children watch these shows. Bad bad

  • jerk me
    jerk me

    What about India's who we react only imagination ....our cm ..dress code cm react😂😂😂


    Ya ya, pero ninguno es bizarro La primera solo tiene peso de más, si lo hubiera hecho alguien delgada no estaría aquí El segundo tiene una enfermedad (no recuerdo el nombre) que la mucha flexibilidad al cuerpo Y el ultimo solo es un hombre practicando un estilo de baile (twerk) que es generalmente bailado por una mujer So..

  • Nagesha Mother
    Nagesha Mother

    Old judge becomes young

  • Silvia Di Loreto
    Silvia Di Loreto

    De Argentina Muy Bueno Todo Pero para mi La Pechonera La que mueve los Pezones andale Re Buena 🤗🇦🇷🤗😅👍

  • Silvia Di Loreto
    Silvia Di Loreto

    El de lis huesos para cuando me duele el cuello PEDIRLE un consejo😅😅😅

  • Silvia Di Loreto
    Silvia Di Loreto

    La vi antes a la de la personera y dije si la llega a ver Risto la Cara de Asco que va a poner y justo la veo acá no podía creer Re Buena 👍

  • Danny Mullis
    Danny Mullis


  • Guddy Sahu
    Guddy Sahu

    Imagine what happened with them...who came with their family 😬

  • Angie juegos
    Angie juegos

    porque los comentarios de un video que tiene titulo en español son en ingles y los de un video que tiene titulo en ingles... también son en inglés, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa quiero leer comentarios en mi idioma ctm.

  • Thaoly Nguyen
    Thaoly Nguyen

    Tao vua coi ma tao vua nghi bay ba do, co dua nao giong tao hong?

  • Thaoly Nguyen
    Thaoly Nguyen

    Ghom thiet ahhhh

  • Thaoly Nguyen
    Thaoly Nguyen

    I love it

  • Battle Ground Killer
    Battle Ground Killer

    3rd one was roast


    Good good good.

  • Elwira Standili music
    Elwira Standili music

    Oh!My God!😀😀So funny!Wow!So amazing😍

  • Patricia Chavez sanchez
    Patricia Chavez sanchez

    Que asco!!!!

  • Doc Ride
    Doc Ride

    Marfans syndrome ?

  • Ángela Beatriz Courreges
    Ángela Beatriz Courreges

    Jaaaa jaaaa!!!!Están fenomenales!!!

  • Dilsah Ergün
    Dilsah Ergün

    Allah aşkına bu ne hiç güzel değil


    Uhhhhhhhhhh 🤭😳 I have no words 😶

  • Tokiiyo

    Sweet home alabama.

  • christophemae4ever


  • Ewa Kociubinska
    Ewa Kociubinska


  • Delenn Dax VII
    Delenn Dax VII

    So, was this shown uncensored on Spanish TV?

  • ting thompson
    ting thompson

    Oh my. Im so terrified. So classy.. one of a kind. Wow


    Ye ladka h ki ladki

  • Guitar Mania
    Guitar Mania

    Why no reaction from that judge with goggles?

  • sandra patricia torres vidal
    sandra patricia torres vidal

    laran laran les vengo a saludar!!!!!

  • R I E Y Channel
    R I E Y Channel

    All man audiences: *gulp*

  • Crazy Videoholic
    Crazy Videoholic

    Look where the internet took us today.

  • Gina Marie Lacson
    Gina Marie Lacson


  • RONJIT cover's
    RONJIT cover's


  • jerry parisi
    jerry parisi

    Spain Is Dragging The Bottom Of The Barrel For Talent.

  • Yan Bosco delima
    Yan Bosco delima

    Spains got talent were very bad taste ! Big bare breasted thick woman si rude!

  • justholdme türk
    justholdme türk

    what da hekk

  • Moe Myint Aung
    Moe Myint Aung


  • Aneta

    She was already in Československo má talent (Czech Republick/ Slovakia)

  • Ambika nandu
    Ambika nandu

    The same way do with hips... I don't know that name



  • Jennifer McMillan
    Jennifer McMillan

    The bendy dude has Ehlers Danlos ... I have it ,becomes a problem when your joints pop out randomly walking in heels and such .

    • Lee Avers
      Lee Avers

      So it's not double jointed???

  • SnowFlake

    The guyyyy twrk woww he better than girls

  • Jaila Hall
    Jaila Hall


  • Colleen Lewis
    Colleen Lewis

    Wow something to watch

  • Marwanto Sulastri
    Marwanto Sulastri

    Haha streeeess

  • Thảo Nguyễn
    Thảo Nguyễn

    wiggle wiggle :))

    • Cringe

      Giggle giggle :)

  • Ghie Atizado
    Ghie Atizado

    Bruhhhhh.. that boy.. i hav nothing no words to all of the contestants

    • Lee Avers
      Lee Avers


    • Kadri Demirtaş
      Kadri Demirtaş

      Gs. cnısöh.v p

    • Kadri Demirtaş
      Kadri Demirtaş


  • Ghie Atizado
    Ghie Atizado

    That woman..😵😵🤢🤢

  • Ghie Atizado
    Ghie Atizado

    I feel so disturbed😵😵🤢🤢

  • Judith Sekwati
    Judith Sekwati

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂i dont have words

    • Lee Avers
      Lee Avers

      Too bad this wasn't on American television. Omg, lmao.

  • Marsha Egerton
    Marsha Egerton




  • Nilza Moreira
    Nilza Moreira

    Que feiuraaaaaa 👎👎👎👎

  • _MemoryCore_

    *insert grimance emoji*

  • Ranpi Apum
    Ranpi Apum


  • Gamer BD
    Gamer BD


  • Alisani Zul
    Alisani Zul

    Jahe.klikok gak malu lakik kok nongok

  • Ramngaihawma Ralte darkim
    Ramngaihawma Ralte darkim

    That twerking boy..🤢🤢

  • Jazz Msutwana
    Jazz Msutwana

    That boy that is in the end💖💖💖💖💋

  • Shanthi Pooja
    Shanthi Pooja


  • Sara Kim Jonghyun
    Sara Kim Jonghyun

    Dunia ini semakin

  • Channel Samira
    Channel Samira


  • why creepy
    why creepy

    F*** Samsu‌ng

  • Maria Hanson
    Maria Hanson

    Me encanto con mucho respeto,fue sensacional

  • Rehan Khan Rihan Khan
    Rehan Khan Rihan Khan


  • Rehan Khan Rihan Khan
    Rehan Khan Rihan Khan


  • Meda Wati
    Meda Wati


  • Илья Суфанов
    Илья Суфанов


  • Assamese masti zone
    Assamese masti zone

    Koun koun india se he

  • Kassim Abdallah
    Kassim Abdallah

    Sachi to the office today and

  • Kassim Abdallah
    Kassim Abdallah


  • Ruhi Nizami
    Ruhi Nizami

    Тфу на всех их. Сплошной грех , дровы Ада 🔥🔥🔥

  • Leese 80 years ago .
    Leese 80 years ago .

  • Shraddha Shrestha
    Shraddha Shrestha


  • Capá Damós
    Capá Damós

    I can see that Risto's and my reaction are equivalent.

  • Anshika Haldhar
    Anshika Haldhar

    Kya hai ye 🤐🤐🤐