Simon Cowell Says He'll NEVER Forget This INSPIRATIONAL AUDITION On America's Got Talent
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Simon Cowell Says He'll NEVER Forget This INSPIRATIONAL AUDITION On America's Got Talent!
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  • חנה Hannah
    חנה Hannah

    Might as well skip tot he next season 4me like I said looks like I was right is it right already won 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Josephine Woods
    Josephine Woods

    Amazing…What a voice. Thank you God.

  • Emma Sandiego
    Emma Sandiego

    Goosebumps God bless you cody

  • Jocelyn Selvaraj
    Jocelyn Selvaraj

    So lovely👏👏👏👏👏

  • Mercedes Cada
    Mercedes Cada

    So the love of the Lord God speaketh all the time like this, it's like a celebrating of good angels in heaven🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

  • Anthony Coleman
    Anthony Coleman

    Wow what a wonderful young man. He’s incredible.

  • Splendid Traveller Vlogs
    Splendid Traveller Vlogs

    congratulations cody! amazing i am also a special mom to a special kid...i feel you..I cant stop crying!!

  • Robert Balluumm
    Robert Balluumm

    The most deserving golden buzzer I've seen. I was crying even before he started singing. Then again I'm a 65 year old man so I'm allowed. 😭😭🙏🙏🙏

  • Doroti França
    Doroti França

    Iris wonderfool

  • Gemma Ancheta
    Gemma Ancheta

    God bless you more Cody. You are an inspiration to all.

  • Gita Pradhan
    Gita Pradhan

    Incredible....heart touching voicè,we loved him(Nepal).

  • getfitash

    He's amazing for one ❤ Two he is God sent and made me remember the beautiful side of being a parent and also he is the definition of STRENGTH 💪

  • KaDH Dinkz vlog
    KaDH Dinkz vlog

    woowww nice one young man very clear as wayer his voice

  • lulu castillo
    lulu castillo

    Wow i was in tears watching this...

  • Michael Baumgardner
    Michael Baumgardner

    Wow im totally speechless.!!

  • Vivian Guzman
    Vivian Guzman

    I love it

  • 6D001 GAUTHAM.S
    6D001 GAUTHAM.S


  • Fely Reid
    Fely Reid

    Seeing and listening Cody on stage plus singing good songs that are meaningful, gives me gooseflesh all over me! We see that THE ALMIGHTY has gifted Cody the talent to sing. God bless and wishing you more power in the future.

  • Tomas Meneses
    Tomas Meneses

    You made me cry.

  • Lynne Trathen
    Lynne Trathen

    Wow what a inspiration 🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Clariza Labrador
    Clariza Labrador

    To all the mothers like her , we too can produce a talented young man like him.

  • Clariza Labrador
    Clariza Labrador

    Amazing ....really an inspiration especially the ever supportive mother.

  • John Swiger
    John Swiger

    Fantastic performance.

  • Ester Quiazon
    Ester Quiazon

    Wow such an amazing talent!!! Cody inspires a lot of people for sure, me included

  • Elisabeth Jones
    Elisabeth Jones

    Nothing short of AMAZING. Every life living has a something special, unique, and wonderful about them and I'm so glad to hear and see his. What an amazing young man!!

  • Samantha Workman-Fenn
    Samantha Workman-Fenn

    Wonderful singer

  • Ganny Garises
    Ganny Garises

    Woow bro you be you man you are amazing 👏

  • Alicia Garcia
    Alicia Garcia


    • Alicia Garcia
      Alicia Garcia

      Desde Argentina!!!!

  • Susan Standard
    Susan Standard


  • Eufemia Rios
    Eufemia Rios

    What a wonderful voice..God given.

  • tSara Gonzalez
    tSara Gonzalez

    Thank for existing, people like you change the world and the positive way...I love you

  • Kathleen Christine Music
    Kathleen Christine Music

    Cody your voice has touched my 💓 soul. God has sent a blessing to the world.



  • MA C
    MA C

    Angels sent by God in so many forms...Blessings to Cody and his Amazing family 🙏

  • Socorro Brion
    Socorro Brion

    That was awesome Cody ,your an inspiration to all of us !God Bless You!!



  • Μαιρη Ας
    Μαιρη Ας

    Mmmmmmm.......what a calm and wonderful voice.....BRAVO-BRAVO-BRAVO. HE IS A GREAT SINGER.

  • Trish Lester
    Trish Lester

    Simply astonishing.

  • Mary Mino
    Mary Mino

    Kody Lee = AGT G.O.A.T

  • Abyss 4 tube
    Abyss 4 tube

    No god ??think again!!!you just saw Gods hand!!

  • Mariam Villaver
    Mariam Villaver

    Blessed with God’s given talent musically gifted ❤️👏🏻👍

  • Harsha Disanayaka
    Harsha Disanayaka

    Kody, you brought gladness to the world! What a wonderful person you are. Yup inspire, encourage many millions around the world. Thank you Mum bringing him to light. Blessings!

  • Yolanda Vergara
    Yolanda Vergara

    I can't help but my tears I running down, 💖❤️💙💓💚💛💜

  • Vickie Crowe
    Vickie Crowe

    Is the greatest talent I’ve had to be able to pick

  • Dirceu Vazzoler
    Dirceu Vazzoler

    Vamos aplaudir, a vida dá suas lições aos perfeitos.

  • Protic Irma
    Protic Irma


  • Peggy Bowe
    Peggy Bowe

    He just gives me goose bumps! He is an awesome performer & no one can stand above him except God!

  • Kerrin Thomsen
    Kerrin Thomsen

    Kerrin a singer too loves you and wants to learn you. Great mom you have. Greetings

  • Catherine Magee
    Catherine Magee

    Incredible, beautiful, God gave this young man gifts of talent & determination & he gifts us w/ his joyous outlook .

  • Rosalie Ces Austria
    Rosalie Ces Austria

    He touch my heart....lovely 👍💕🙏

  • Charmaine Buck Bailey
    Charmaine Buck Bailey

    Absolutely amazing

  • Aphrodites Healing Sanctuary
    Aphrodites Healing Sanctuary

    Beautiful soul 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dot Mixson
    Dot Mixson

    This is so amazing love you. Thank God for giving you this Talant..

  • Sheila Robinson
    Sheila Robinson


    • perv8898

      God has already blessed him.

  • Maria Victoria Millares
    Maria Victoria Millares

    It reminds of him one,The one in only STEVE WONDER.

  • Amy Bradberry
    Amy Bradberry

    Ok ill admit it he had me in tears! What an amazing young man!

  • Mercy Masangya
    Mercy Masangya

    Ohh i am crying 😭😭😭😭

  • Steve Gardner
    Steve Gardner

    If you think you can't ,try. Thanks Kodi

  • Debra Pellman
    Debra Pellman

    His amazing beautiful song God has blessed him 😁❤️

  • Mary MEMlendon
    Mary MEMlendon

    I wish they had a 100 liked

  • Rosalinda Mugol
    Rosalinda Mugol

    even disability proves that he is awesome n got a good voice, superb n God Bless****

  • Agustina Yanes
    Agustina Yanes

    Congratulations and more power

  • Agustina Yanes
    Agustina Yanes

    Amazing so very touching

  • Judy Pratt
    Judy Pratt

    So beautiful!

  • Tracy Guthmiller
    Tracy Guthmiller

    So glad that this man's "phenomenal-over the moon-love to heaven and back" talent was so recognized. He deserves all the glory surrounding him! Thanks AMGT!

  • Jennifer Isbell
    Jennifer Isbell

    Cody you are a Gift from God. Love you❤️❤️🙏🙏

  • Sabin Selemani
    Sabin Selemani

    Wow, so awesome! This young man is so gifted. God is really good all the time!

  • Caroline Sampath
    Caroline Sampath

    What a beautiful soul with an amazing voice! Those 312 dislikes don’t know jack sh.. about music! Great job Cody. Great job America! Love Caroline from Trinidad.

  • Patrick K Goodwin
    Patrick K Goodwin

    Steve's wonder would be proud but would prefer you use some of his material. Your amazing keep the music coming.

    • perv8898

      You're a mind reader for Stevie Wonder?

  • Yadavkrishna Dewan
    Yadavkrishna Dewan

    God bless your entire beautiful loving family.

  • Yadavkrishna Dewan
    Yadavkrishna Dewan

    You have impressed everyone that anything is possible.

  • Yadavkrishna Dewan
    Yadavkrishna Dewan

    Most amazing person and amazing voice.which brought tears in my eyes. Most impressing person I have ever seen and listen to his songs. God bless you always through out your life.

  • Loida M Colon
    Loida M Colon

    Wow He Is So Amazing God Has Truly Blessed You Cody Even Though You Can’t See You Proved To Everyone That Even Though You Are Blind & Autistic You Can Still Become A STAR ⭐️! You Go Cody

  • Doris Washington
    Doris Washington

    Becareful! GOD bless his Mom and famoly

  • Beth Miller
    Beth Miller

    That was beautiful! So much talent.

  • Natalie de Waal
    Natalie de Waal

    Unbelievable, so amazing and inspiring.

  • Otsung Lkr
    Otsung Lkr

    Wow wow wow It's just amazing 😭👍🙏


    My favorite act

  • Linda York
    Linda York

    Can,'t wait to get his CD!!

  • Susan Seigler
    Susan Seigler

    Magnificent Cody, you are blessed, Ty for making me smile. ♥️

  • Ysbelia Bolivar
    Ysbelia Bolivar

    Aquí en Venezuela🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪, tienes que tú más ferviente admiradora . Que orgullo para tus padres!✋✋✋✋✋✋

  • Sam Levinson
    Sam Levinson

    Beautiful voice the best to you

  • Hbkmuller

    Cody 🥺❤❤❤

  • Tina Pearce
    Tina Pearce

    This is one of God children. Hes a miracle. HesGot so much talent. I cried again hearing him sing. God bless you cody and his mom.

  • Anton MRASEK
    Anton MRASEK

    Unfassbar was der 👦🌱abliefert. Klasse 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Anton MRASEK
    Anton MRASEK

    Einfach klasse klasse

  • Frederick Burrell
    Frederick Burrell

    This is outstanding the almighty is great

  • Jean Mayers
    Jean Mayers

    He's another Steve Wonder

  • GA Chic
    GA Chic

    So I am a blubbering mess! He has amazing talentS!!! And so inspirational!

  • Linda Roberts
    Linda Roberts


    • Linda Roberts
      Linda Roberts

      You're welcome.

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell

    thanks for this video. This extended format with extra songs is amazing.

  • David Hung
    David Hung

    amazing voice

  • Victoria Alonzo
    Victoria Alonzo


  • Joni Mari Cruz
    Joni Mari Cruz

    Amazing. Heartachingly beautiful.

  • jason montoya
    jason montoya

    This young man is talented!!

  • Lee Beardshall
    Lee Beardshall

    Simon cowell really Really really loves this.

  • angelita nutter
    angelita nutter

    Very talented boy, i wish my son can sing, my son is sign Language. God love them. 😘

  • joanne Avis
    joanne Avis

    Absolutely phenomenal, his voice is sensational, he plays the piano so fantastically complimented by her..brilliant!

  • Ron


  • Rita Bulus
    Rita Bulus

    God bless the beautiful soul and always make him happy

  • Linda Ward
    Linda Ward

    What a God given talent this young man has.