FUN JUMP ROUTINE by the TALENTED Jump Revolution Crew!
Check out this FUN ATHELTIC jump routine from the Jump Revolution crew on Britain's Got Talent!

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  • Elwira Standili music
    Elwira Standili music


    • Elwira Standili music
      Elwira Standili music

      !Its yesssss!so amazing!😆😀😀

  • A P
    A P

    I couldn't focus on the performance , because i was distracted from THE HUGE TRIANGLE HANGING FROM ONE OF THE JUDGES EAR!!!!! WHY On earth would somebody do that?

  • Rebecca LaPointe
    Rebecca LaPointe

    That was totally awesome

  • Alpha gaming YT
    Alpha gaming YT

    Ist view

  • Variety Media
    Variety Media

    Wow! 👏 Great talents!

  • Chandan Panda
    Chandan Panda

    So praiseworthy their performance!! 😍🙌

  • Рыбалка с Александром Таракановым
    Рыбалка с Александром Таракановым

    salut, tu es très talentueuse et belle !!! Bonne chance et santé !!!😇

  • XX1X77

    That's good

  • red Collins
    red Collins

    Simon hair is a mess e

  • SN Gaming 2.0
    SN Gaming 2.0

    "life is short thing" "Girlfriend is nothing.. "Mother and father is everything" "Flying beast fan"

    • Nada ghaleb
      Nada ghaleb


  • Махмут Елдашов
    Махмут Елдашов


  • Because Of You Fahri
    Because Of You Fahri

    Nah! Love this talent

  • jack 11
    jack 11

    I decided this is more important than homework

    • Gary Morin
      Gary Morin

      Or office work!

    • Karly Brown
      Karly Brown


  • HassaN Chelby
    HassaN Chelby


  • Caching bass
    Caching bass

    Shout out pls