BEST KID SINGERS on Got Talent???
Are these the BEST KID SINGERS on Got Talent? Let us know which was your favorite in the comments below!

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  • Paulina Manomaitytė
    Paulina Manomaitytė


  • Евгения Богатюк
    Евгения Богатюк

    Можете сказать названия всех песен пж

  • Juuu Kepooo
    Juuu Kepooo

    Name song

  • Nadia Dia
    Nadia Dia

    0:38 judulnya apa?

  • Georgeta Ekiema
    Georgeta Ekiema

    Le don de chanter tu l'as ou tu ne l'as pas, cet enfant il l'a et il chante merveilleusement bien !!

  • Nin Se
    Nin Se




  • Dane Obiangoke
    Dane Obiangoke

    #2 oh my god👏👏😿😿😻😻

  • Sara ELSAYED
    Sara ELSAYED

    The boy who sang u raise me up made me cry especially when he said u raise me up❤️❤️❤️❤️he is so young to handle this deep and emotional voice!

  • poeta carpio
    poeta carpio

    Así se beilla michelle Rodriguez. De pequeña la crisis de fast y furios

  • JenG593

    Wonderwall was WONDERFUL! Better than the original!

  • mary Christine Cas
    mary Christine Cas

    TNT BOYS be like: Basic👌🤣

  • perla kovacova
    perla kovacova

    Super wow

  • 𝕾𝖔𝖑𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖝𝖝_𝖖

    0:04 no one's gonna talk about how angelic her voice is ? :)

  • jqdiznuts ozoamberinri
    jqdiznuts ozoamberinri

    When the talent spread into the world I think there awake , I wonder if I can try sing , I think it's to late I'm shy ,,, need to have confident ,

  • jucias roncalio
    jucias roncalio

    ETS eles estão entre nós 🤣😂🤣😂😂. Parece coisa de outro mundo.

  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox

    No credits? :(

  • Ana Beatriz
    Ana Beatriz

    Linda demais

  • ((C.P.G))


  • deanna young
    deanna young

    The young boy who sang You raised me up! 🥰💞 Is Absolutely Amazing 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Where is he now?

  • נועה קונטנטה
    נועה קונטנטה

    ⁦🇮🇱⁩⁦🇮🇱⁩⁦🇮🇱⁩⁦🇮🇱⁩ Israel!♥️♥️♥️♥️


    the boy with the guitar is more to me. its hard to maintain your voice when your using instruments

  • Marriane Recodos
    Marriane Recodos

    All of them are good in singing especially the boy who sang the You Raise Me Up

  • Carlos Daniel Soares Calauto
    Carlos Daniel Soares Calauto


  • Richard Laine
    Richard Laine

    I loved the father and son it just hit home with me

  • Ewa Ewcia
    Ewa Ewcia


  • Valerie Monsees
    Valerie Monsees

    Does Someone knows the name of the girl singing wonder wall? Because I love her voice and just wanted to look if she did other covers :)) Edit: just found her name: Yael Danon

  • Chanel rusak
    Chanel rusak

    Ternyata diluar negri tidak melihat penampilan berpakaian, melainkan melihat suara yang bagus, tidak seperti di.. hemmmmm berlaga sekali.

  • Anasiaa1 Walker
    Anasiaa1 Walker

    4:03 that was me listening 😂😂

  • Нозима Ганиева
    Нозима Ганиева

    Her voice is a real gift I am crying not knowing why Good luck my little girl 😘😘😘

  • Oyio Malachi
    Oyio Malachi

    Woooooooooo u guys are amazing cooooooool keep it up

  • ام البنات Agadir
    ام البنات Agadir

    The sacend boy is amazing❤️

  • Lita Cakaubora
    Lita Cakaubora

    I cannot hold my breath of this kids voice

  • tiggz R
    tiggz R

    They all sound the same tbh...

  • Braa Elnijjar
    Braa Elnijjar


  • Carmem Maria De Melo Ferreira
    Carmem Maria De Melo Ferreira

    canta muito lindo maravilhoso 🤩🤩🤩

  • Dara Bunga Bhaskara
    Dara Bunga Bhaskara

    the boy make me cry if i miss my sister stil baby she died im cry 😭

  • Bruno Castejon Mugica
    Bruno Castejon Mugica

    The last one is dope asf. One of the best i've seen

    • Shir


  • Jean Pantoja
    Jean Pantoja

    Terra santa Pará, brasil

  • Ülli Torn
    Ülli Torn


  • Nonhle Makhanya
    Nonhle Makhanya

    Wow beautiful voices 🔥❤❤❤❤

  • Steve H.
    Steve H.

    Without Celine Tam and Angelica Hale how can this be the greatest?

  • TBL

    שלום לישראלי שכאן ❤ יום מבורך

  • Pythondan79

    That last young lady was absolutely incredible

    • Shir

      🇮🇱❤️🇮🇱❤️🇮🇱Israeli pride

    • Diane Roberts
      Diane Roberts

      Amazing voice

  • Cleide coelho duarte Coelho duarte
    Cleide coelho duarte Coelho duarte

    Voz de aljo tão mansa e muito potente.

  • god ladd
    god ladd

    who is the female judge on the last one omg

  • Isabelle Blonigan
    Isabelle Blonigan

    i sing just like carry underwood but beater

  • Guillermo Sandoval
    Guillermo Sandoval

    Wao que voz tan hermosa que dios lo vendiga

  • Bee

    I am asking you, WHERE IS CELINE TAM!!!

  • Roger Sweeting
    Roger Sweeting

    Who is the young girl in a white dress? she is an amazing singer.

  • DeMo GiRl
    DeMo GiRl

    I'm so confused cuz I don't have a beautiful voice and beautiful face like them✊😌 maybe I'm alien👁👄👁

    • jqdiznuts ozoamberinri
      jqdiznuts ozoamberinri

      I use to be alian , I got kidnap , now I'm back in United States of america.

  • Karin Bär
    Karin Bär

    Alle sehr gut❤️🍀👍👍👍

  • Isran Jator
    Isran Jator


  • Giovani Vinicius de Oliveira
    Giovani Vinicius de Oliveira

    Omg 😭😭😭❤

  • Ana Alice Cyriaco
    Ana Alice Cyriaco


  • Ash Doodge
    Ash Doodge

    There's a million karaoke bars and that's all I see when I see this crap. They are talented but it is other people's talents not their talent just their voice.

  • Gerald Campos
    Gerald Campos


  • Maria Navarro
    Maria Navarro

    I'm the mom and dad...holding my breath and 😢 ready to pass out!

  • Joel Fialho
    Joel Fialho

    Sweet voice in sing sound.

  • hosein.khalooe i
    hosein.khalooe i

    What is a name sound in 6:00? She singing with that sound what is a neme?

  • Donovan Gaino
    Donovan Gaino

    The Asian boy in this video is the BEST.. that's True!

  • meme Anime
    meme Anime

    ماكو عرب بلطيارة 🌚🌚؟! بس الصراحهه اصواتهم رووعة 😭😭🤍.

  • mary lavigne sibonga
    mary lavigne sibonga

    I love who sing *fight song* love it♥️♥️♥️

  • Katili Gernez
    Katili Gernez

    Une PErle ! Bravo! 🇨🇵 nord de la France je rectifie des PERLES!

  • Tom Tôrres
    Tom Tôrres

    Even after all this time, Jeffrey Li and his performance in You Raise Me Up still giving me so much goosebumps!

  • SophiaGachLife Sartori
    SophiaGachLife Sartori

    Is it just me that when ever sombody sings I pretend to be then and sing LOL

  • Johann Zdebor
    Johann Zdebor

    Nobelpreiskomitee+NASA aufgewacht? Meine Physik-Revolution. Selbstverständlich auch am 24.3.21 habe ich unsere außerirdischen Brüder in ihrem Stern-Raumschiff tanzen lassen. Exakt 24 Min. lang. Angefangen um 2:05 Uhr. Es ist immer wieder herrlich und faszinierend zugleich, auch nach 26 Jahren. Sie erreichen aus dem Stand 800 bis 1200 km/h, ohne den Schallknall Effekt auszulösen, wenn sie Lichtjahre entfernt wären, dann könnte ich mit ihnen keinen Kontakt aufnehmen logischerweise. Übrigens, wir leben im Paralleluniversum. - Johann Zdebor

  • #AA#

    My skin really felt this cold air when the little boy sang "you raise me up".

  • Farrel akhmad Julian
    Farrel akhmad Julian

    Who girl on the thumbnail (black shirt)

  • Farrel akhmad Julian
    Farrel akhmad Julian

    Who girl on the thumbnail (black shirt)

  • اوَتاكــو For Life
    اوَتاكــو For Life

    The Asian kid has a big future.

  • Mido Gaming
    Mido Gaming

    The Best Of 😘🌹❤

  • anonym xxx
    anonym xxx

    The last girls is so amaaazing!! ✨🌟✨

    • Shir

      Israeli pride❤️🇮🇱❤️🇮🇱❤️🇮🇱

  • Аудиокнига "Эрагон" от Мишель Шарм
    Аудиокнига "Эрагон" от Мишель Шарм

    Wonder Wall !!! O_O

  • Nidha Fathima
    Nidha Fathima

    How I hear my voice is like this😅. But how my phone recorder hear is Screaming like a hell 😧😧😧😨

  • Gabrielle Oliveira
    Gabrielle Oliveira

    9:23 alguém sabe a música?

  • SahBass

    Супер голос 💋💋😘😍🥰

  • Abdo Idali
    Abdo Idali

    Love you😍

  • Razia Sultana
    Razia Sultana

    The girl who sang "Fix you" Did she listen it from Fearless soul song?

  • Eladcohen

    Omg the girl who sing wonder wall🤔

  • Emmily Santos
    Emmily Santos

    Amei a voos da primeira💕👏❤💘

  • Yamile Bueno
    Yamile Bueno


  • mariam muthoni
    mariam muthoni

    Oooh my look at this voices😂😂😂anywe 🥂to us who sing like goats

  • Nazlene Wambui
    Nazlene Wambui

    You raise me up used to be my affirmation song back in highschool. Oooh how this boy gave it justice is incredible

  • Nakiya Burum
    Nakiya Burum

    the boy who sang raise me up has a beautiful voice

  • Barbaha Josaphat
    Barbaha Josaphat

    Raise me up is the best👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💖💖💬🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  • Joven Ojera
    Joven Ojera

    Tumaas balahibo koo sa raise me up

  • Jane Bonfimde souza
    Jane Bonfimde souza


  • Purity Njeri
    Purity Njeri

    The boy who sang "You raise me up" has a marvelous and massive voice 🥺🥺♥️ made me emotional🥺😪🤭🥰🥰

  • Marquês

    O IRbin me recomenda isso

  • יעל יוסף
    יעל יוסף

    איך קוראים לראשונה?

  • Dalel Benmohamed
    Dalel Benmohamed

    ما احلى صوتها😍😍😘😘😙😙

  • Josiah Sowell
    Josiah Sowell

    The Boy who sang Raise Me Up and the girl who sang Wonder Wall made get emotional...

  • Lucas Pedroso De Carvalho
    Lucas Pedroso De Carvalho


  • Hansel Mendez
    Hansel Mendez

    Nobody talking about the 3rd one, shes amazing. Traduccion Traduccion Nadie esta hablando de la 3ra ella es increible.

  • Carole Mutua
    Carole Mutua

    The boy who sang'you raise me up' woow his voice is minding blowing wah dem.

  • Temi GUNN
    Temi GUNN

    I feel like I make there one day. In the audience watching actual talented ppl.

    • Hansel Mendez
      Hansel Mendez

      X2 xddd

  • Mr_Lonely

    Anjelika hale better than this one

  • M&R for you
    M&R for you

    Wow . 👍👍

  • Maugari Anan
    Maugari Anan

    Then Dad n son are the best one. I'm in tears 😢

    • Maëlys Chiron
      Maëlys Chiron

      The little boy who sang "Raise Me up" and the dad & son was my favourite

    • Naima Yusuf Abdu
      Naima Yusuf Abdu

      The best