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Top Viral Talent
Top Viral Talent

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Where words fail, Music speaks.

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination and life to everything." - Plato

  • terri petitgout
    terri petitgout


  • sheik jasim
    sheik jasim

    I love Simon and the judges. They are the big winning secret of the programme.

  • Yesenia Mason
    Yesenia Mason

    I get a headache just walking yet alone doing backflips


    Coolest contestant

  • Raysa Biharie
    Raysa Biharie

    het feit dat de tumbmail in het nederlands is

  • beatie bui
    beatie bui

    God bless this brother

  • Francisco Washington
    Francisco Washington

    Beleza muito bom 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Gemma Ancheta
    Gemma Ancheta

    God bless you more Cody. You are an inspiration to all.

  • Armando Russo
    Armando Russo

    Inesquecível este momento, mais tarde seu pai veio a falecer, não resistiu a sua doença 🙏

  • Jaymes Will
    Jaymes Will

    Malachi just blew me away The emotional attached to his voice says so much It speaks more than his words So much things attached to one I could not hold my tears back 😢


    Saitama masih punya rambut ikut audisi.

  • Vanessa rodriguez
    Vanessa rodriguez

    Comment down belo 😀

  • Almirah Baraoed
    Almirah Baraoed

    Worse judges

  • Emmanuel Joanna
    Emmanuel Joanna

    The last is amazing 😍😍😍😍

  • Okay

    That's so sad

  • Peachysophie _
    Peachysophie _

    That’s is so rude of Mel so picky this girl did something so dangerous with a dog

  • Ezra & Stephanie Sosa Siblings
    Ezra & Stephanie Sosa Siblings

    So Beautiful

  • vipan puri
    vipan puri

    America is a racist barsterd keep the black man in the jail for 19 year for crime which he never done it why

  • Sahil Sah
    Sahil Sah

    Just imagine to get like from Top Viral Tallent ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍

  • Stacey Hodge
    Stacey Hodge

    I feel sad for her but she did good I cry

  • Spark's Fly
    Spark's Fly

    Makes me feel better about mylife seeing this

  • Roberto Morris
    Roberto Morris

    but she is the best

  • Andi Bad
    Andi Bad

    37 yrs. That's his whole life. 🥺😭. How do you survive that?? Lord have mercy.

  • Itz_arandomperson

    You guys feel bad for the boy at the beginning well I have to say I don't I understand it may be sad but the judges are doing there job and the dance he was doing was just not enough

  • Barbara Sierota
    Barbara Sierota

    Nie szata Zdobi człowieka

  • Barbara Sierota
    Barbara Sierota

    Nie szata Zdobi człowieka

  • Aerial Adventures
    Aerial Adventures

    I couldn't listen to this annoying voice for a whole track.

  • mamamia 555
    mamamia 555

    Her brother is stunned in disbelief his sister could sing like that, and so admiringly proud !

  • Neide baptista
    Neide baptista

    Perfeito 😃👏

  • Kavindra Singh Negi
    Kavindra Singh Negi

    Nowadays every thing is scripted

  • Monkey D. Goku
    Monkey D. Goku

    Great Kid! continue to do what you believe in!!!

  • annelise annelise
    annelise annelise

    The boiling hair coincidentally bat because bush conversely dress apropos a tasteless grade. terrible, aromatic word

  • Polixmedia

    amazing !!!!

  • ambre Willems
    ambre Willems

    Je crois qu'il ont eu un tout petit peux peur à 2:01

  • Fuad Sadikhov
    Fuad Sadikhov

    Uzeyir Novruzov. He is from Azerbaijan

  • De Graft Kumi Gyasi
    De Graft Kumi Gyasi

    I love you bruh

  • JavierA2701

    Zoe is a victim of this show

  • MTH

    I'm so lonely...

  • Jhon Flores Molinero
    Jhon Flores Molinero



    Telat 3 tahun🔥🔥🔥

  • Gita Pradhan
    Gita Pradhan

    Incredible....heart touching voicè,we loved him(Nepal).

  • Ronelle Coetzer
    Ronelle Coetzer

    You’ve got a lot of courage for all that you went through. Well done on your brilliant voice

  • Ronelle Coetzer
    Ronelle Coetzer

    Brilliant voice

  • Bharath Chary
    Bharath Chary

    Plot twist : He is the real Devil himself trying to become good.

  • Shani Botha
    Shani Botha

    I feel sorry for the guy holding the mic

  • Roman Rotinov
    Roman Rotinov

    15:34 wasn't wrong

  • willms Rozanne
    willms Rozanne

    The yellow weight ironically suspend because thumb microcephaly suspend vice a homeless head. elated, squeamish frost

  • Ronelle Coetzer
    Ronelle Coetzer

    The words gave me tears in my eyes for her good courage

  • MCT mini
    MCT mini

    13:25 so fun 😂

  • Ronelle Coetzer
    Ronelle Coetzer

    My deepest sympathy for the fact that you can’t hear anymore but well done on your brilliant performance

  • Рита Беретарь
    Рита Беретарь


  • Shugri Shacni
    Shugri Shacni

    They should never judge the judges like that oh my godness they are all worst then each other

  • Рита Беретарь
    Рита Беретарь

    Саймон, ты красавчик😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • bobpatrickrobloxplayz

    Jesus Christ

  • Pauline Horton
    Pauline Horton

    This show makes me cry like a little girl

  • Gdhdjdjfjd Hdjdkfjfhx
    Gdhdjdjfjd Hdjdkfjfhx

    01:45 Love it!!

  • Mike


  • Freefire Ff
    Freefire Ff

    It's easy for judge to just sit and tell their comments they don't know the Hard work this people do , this judges should really be changed they don't even have time to see the full performance so inpecient 😡😡😡

  • M.R.H

    первое видео гей?

  • Giuseppina Buonocore
    Giuseppina Buonocore

    Bravissima. Angelica

  • Bell David
    Bell David

    The instinctive israel hypothetically raise because spinach decisively scrub worth a terrific desire. understood, adjoining quail

  • Cameron Alvarado
    Cameron Alvarado


  • Tater Tots
    Tater Tots

    The cute rat lately scrape because creek enthrallingly surprise minus a ambiguous skirt. ugly, mute calendar

  • Ms. Dana
    Ms. Dana

    I am with Sharon - she doesn't have any voice- and the dancing was not Latin Salsa.

  • Feby Molo
    Feby Molo

    His story is so sad.😢😭😔

  • K's Days
    K's Days

    Sal was amazing.

  • Risa May Cruz
    Risa May Cruz

    Its hard to watch this night

  • Jun Anoba
    Jun Anoba

    I love David❤️

  • Raymond Reid
    Raymond Reid

    It's his show definitely.

  • Weverton Miguel
    Weverton Miguel


  • M Love Blog
    M Love Blog

    Nice love it i like you David your so nice.

  • Tuner Guy
    Tuner Guy

    The justice system is so flawed.

  • Maile Alday
    Maile Alday

    Beautiful, amazing talented women. God bless y'all.



  • Laxmi Shrestha
    Laxmi Shrestha

    गज्जब :)

  • Maddy Hoverter
    Maddy Hoverter

    Sorry but none of these covers will be as good as the original. Most of these are just stupidly exaggerated

  • Emaan & Neeni's Kitchen
    Emaan & Neeni's Kitchen

    A Judge Should Have Great Patience For Better Judgement

  • Roberto

    GOD EXISTS 👏❤🇧🇷

  • Rheanne Nichole
    Rheanne Nichole

    Pasalamat ka BTS yung advertising 😭😭💗🥺

    • Okay

      What's biot mean in Philippines

  • Sampangs Vlogs Zzzs
    Sampangs Vlogs Zzzs

    He made me cry⚠️